BOUND is out RIGHT NOW! Here's where to find it.

Can you hear my excitement?! You can stream the entire album for a limited time over at

I’m happy to announce that BOUND, my second album under the KASHKA project, is out today! USA friends take note that the album will not be available on iTunes US until January 14th. You can still purchase direct from me over at Bandcamp. Most online retailers and streaming services will have Bound, but here are direct links:

Bandcamp (CD/LP/MP3)

BOUND is an independent release, so it won’t be in all record shops. In a few cities you can pick up a physical cd (and soon, special edition white vinyl):

Toronto, ON: Soundscapes / Sonic Boom 
Moncton, NB: Spin-It Records

If you know of a shop that should carry it, please do let me know and I’ll be in touch with them about including it.

Thank you in advance for supporting music you like, endless hugs and appreciation. If you enjoy the music, please please please consider purchasing. Streaming is great for discovering, but shouldn’t replace your collection. Thank you again, thank you. 

xo Kat