Happy "Piano Day' 2017!  Port William Instrumentals was written and recorded by Kat Burns at Port William Sound in Mountain Grove, Ontario. You can download the collection for free, or by donation--- > kashka.bandcamp.com  

A note from Kat:

"It's no secret that the last couple years I've struggled with a lot of writers block with regards to my own material. Thinking too much, absorbing much of the world and, often, feeling really stuck in a certain trajectory while preparing a new album...all these feelings were coming to a head when I decided to take off to my friend Jonas's studio in June 2016. So I headed up to Mountain Grove, a good number of hours away by car. The intention was to soak in new scenery to finish up a collection of songs for my next record (Relax, due in spring 2017). While I did work a lot on refining those songs, I also experimented, improvised and felt myself opening up to whatever sounds fell into my hands and my heart. On a particularly rainy day the old Yamaha CP70 electric piano was beckoning, and I spent three hours in a lamplit room improvising on the piano while listening to the rain. I decided to record three 'acts' as they came out related to the storm I was playing in. The resulting songs bring me back to the headspace of allowing everything in, no judgement or pressure. Port William Instrumentals: minimal production, a lot of room sound, and some field recordings of the birds, crows, and rain hitting the eavestrough. 

Thank you for listening.