female musicians

You’ve probably seen the meme that pops up this time of year– “Festival Posters With The All-Male Bands Removed”– aka barren sheets of decorated paper with a a few female fronted bands scattered on them. I get so frustrated when I see this. Frustrated at the lack of representation at these large events, which should be an amazing launchpad for many talented ladies, and more frustrated that things are changing so slowly. There are many hurdles to overcome as a “girl” in this industry…  

I’ve had so many things said to me over the years that have caused me to pause, or just nod, taken aback, no words coming to my mind. I want other young female musicians to do what they love and not fear looking “stupid” by a dude that probably didn’t think before he spoke. People make mistakes, but let’s think about what we say to people. Empowering music centric groups like Girls Rock Camp and Rookie Magazine give me hope that a new generation is on the rise, and perhaps this video will be irrelevant in ten years. 

 I felt like ranting a bit, so I share a few of these experiences in my most recent KBIHLDB video (while I enjoy a delicious Clown Shoes Beer). Enjoy and please share. Let’s keep the conversation going! xo