graham wright

I surrender (for now)

After struggling against the streaming model of listening to music for a long while, I think I need to accept it. Instead of a replacement for buying music (which I still do, and hope other people do too!) I will look at streaming services like the new radio, reaching into places all over the world where I can’t get terrestrial airplay. That’s a positive I can grab out of it. The streaming model needs a lot of work still (see here and here) but I don’t see it going away any time soon. As they say, if you can’t beat them… join them. I still won’t give up my quest for higher streaming payments to artists though, don’t worry.

In the spirit of ‘discovery’ I made the first of many playlists that showcase great music from Canada and feature a lot of my talented friends.  My first playlist includes songs from Basia Bulat, The Weatherstation, Jennifer Castle, One Hundred Dollars, Dave Monks, Evening Hymns, and many more. Take a listen and know that fractions of pennies are at least going to these beauts.And –of course– if you love the song, please go buy it.

#NowPlaying Morning Tea | Relax, Renew, Reminisce by kashkamusic