watch: Some thoughts on the #YouTubeIsOverParty

At this point, you’ve probably seen some videos or read about how youtube is demonetizing videos that include swearing or sensitive subjects. It’s an issue because a lot of channels rely on their Adsense (advertising model) revenue to make ends meet at the end of the month. While some can state that this is censoring people, and that it’s the "downfall" of YouTube, I will point out that these rules have been in place for years....The only difference is that now they are notifying creators when the videos are being affected.

Until very recently, being a “YouTuber” wasn’t a proper life goal, and usually people would make videos to basically bring in a larger audience to whatever they were doing outside of videos- such as film making, stand up,  music etc. The videos are a way to connect more people to what I ACTUALLY rely on for income, which is music/performances/gigs.  I make videos to engage and entertain people, and hope that if viewers like them, they’ll check out and support my music. For others creators,  it’s merch, speaking engagements, sponsorships etc. In my option, Adsense revenue and "being a YouTuber" should never be the end game. It’s a bonus, sure, but unless you’re getting tons of views it’s really pretty close to pennies each video. I’d much rather see people making videos that are meaningful and not just sexy or gross titles for clickbait to earn hundreds of dollars of adsense. 

All that said, I  do not think that it is a positive thing to have a website based on creative output have the content decided on, and dictated by, advertisers. I’d much rather have a 100% subscription based service and no ads where people can make the videos they want and swear all they want etc etc. This is one of the reasons I love Patreon, as it gives people another option! If you're interested in supporting me on that platform, it would directly affect my life. Thanks for being a part of my world.  xo Kat