isla craig

For the Birds: Redux (Proceeds to Girls Rock Camp Toronto)

To celebrate ten years of making music, I had some friends re-record some of the songs from my very first EP, and all proceeds will be donated to Girls Rock Camp Toronto. GRC is a very important organisation to countless young girls, and I volunteer with them each summer. You can purchase the EP digitally right over here:…/for-the-birds-redux

I started making music ten years ago and released a little EP called ‘For the Birds’. I barely knew what I was doing, but was inspired and wanted to write music. I was helped greatly by my dear friends Chris Levoir (RIP) and Gus Harris, who both encouraged me to give it a shot and helped me with the recording. Suffice to say, they coaxed me onto the musical path that I walk now, and I’m very grateful for tha

Huge thanks to Evening Hymns, Isla Craig, Tacoma Hellfarm Tragedy, Mike Evin, James Bunton, and Noah Mintz for their contributions. xoxo