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For the Birds: Redux (Proceeds to Girls Rock Camp Toronto)

To celebrate ten years of making music, I had some friends re-record some of the songs from my very first EP, and all proceeds will be donated to Girls Rock Camp Toronto. GRC is a very important organisation to countless young girls, and I volunteer with them each summer. You can purchase the EP digitally right over here:


I started making music ten years ago and released a little EP called ‘For the Birds’. I barely knew what I was doing, but was inspired and wanted to write music. I was helped greatly by my dear friends Chris Levoir (RIP) and Gus Harris, who both encouraged me to give it a shot and helped me with the recording. Suffice to say, they coaxed me onto the musical path that I walk now, and I’m very grateful for tha

Huge thanks to Evening Hymns, Isla Craig, Tacoma Hellfarm Tragedy, Mike Evin, James Bunton, and Noah Mintz for their contributions. xoxo

Check out this teaser for an episode of Influenced about Kat that is airing this week!  Tune into AUX TV and learn about what music she liked as a teenager and how it shaped her career.

Influenced — Episode 11 KASHKA Premieres Sept 11 on AUX television. Find your local station and tune in!

Well, summer’s not over. Not by a long shot.  James Bunton and I made a two song summer EP to prove it. It’s called “Summer EP”, and it can be the soundtrack to all of the sun bathing, bridge diving, water skiing, and urban park drinking that is yet to come! Click above to be taken to the Bandcamp site.

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Lots of announcements are coming soon about the new record, popping out in late 2013.